Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back again..

sorry for my lack of updating.. due to my lack of internet on my trip
but I'm home now and ready to let yall know what has been going on over here!
Last week, we spent the day before our trip on a Scavenger hunt to see how much we could find around the city. Our competitiveness quickly replaced our feelings of laziness and little care for such things as a scavenger hunt, and we found ourselves running around the city trying to find these place, Im pretty sure we won. After we celebrated my friends Nick's 21st b-day by grabbing some beers and playing some pool and darts before heading home to make him a mexican dinner and pack for our big trip.
Happy Bday! 

Liberty Square

very concerned on finding these places


The next morning bright early at 5:30, I was up and down to the buses to start off toward Athens. After arriving in Athens, we checked in then we went to explore for the rest of the day. We found a park below the Acropolis and explored the ruins for a while and walked the streets. 

Later, Ravi and I decided we would climb to the top of Lycabettus hill. Which was absolutely amazing and probably one of my favorite things I have done so far. We left around five and got there with enough time to see all of Athens in daylight, then stay to have a drink at the bar up there and watch the sunset and all of Athens start to light up. Its tough to beat having a glass of sangria while watching the sun set over Athens

That night we found a roof top bar that overlooked the Acropolis. The Acropolis is lit up at night and is absolutely amazing to see. After, we attempted to go dancing at a more local bar, but that ended early when i stubbed my toe and started bleeding everywhere. Oh well, there was much more to come. 


Acropolis at night

The next morning the whole group met and went up to the Acropolis museum, which had some amazing statues and other artifacts. I could have gotten lost in there all day if we hadn't been on a time schedule. We then headed up to the top of the Acropolis. Which was amazing to stand next to, minus the hundreds of other people up there. 
view from out hotel 

where the riots occoured

Temple of Zeus 

Sorry i'll add more later!! this is taking me forever and i know i promised to have some up.. i will have it all up soon love you!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Settling in..

first night out in Cyprus
maybe a little too excited to be here ...

of course we had to try some local wine

walking around the first day
our living room

pictures from the observatory
open air market
excavation site 
almost all signs are in Greek ..hmmm
a few of us at Meze
from the observatory
Turkish side
Well it is officially my second full day in Cyprus!!
So far everything is amazing and I am loving every second of it!
After two exhausting days of traveling, I am finally getting into the swing of things here
I spent yesterday hanging out with some new friends and we were determined to explore Cyprus,
after an hour and a half walk we made it to City Center where the new City, the old City, and the Turkish City come together i will need to take more pictures of it, It is blocks and blocks of shops and restaurants, pretty much our downtown area
 We then grabbed dinner and made our way home to get ready for the night.

A group of us found a bar and ended up spending the whole night there and finally climbed into bed around 6 am after a long walk home and the great idea of running through the sprinklers
At 10:20 this morning i woke up with wet hair and realized i had 10 minutes to get downstairs for our tour of the city. Somehow i made it down in time and spent the rest of the day sight seeing. We saw the old city and the buffer zone between the Greek and Turkish sides. We then found an open air market to explore and then ended up back at city center only without the crazy walk. A few of us decided to stay behind and get lunch and do some shopping. We decided on a meze where they brought us plates and plates of all types of Greek food that was all amazing but hours later I am still stuffed.
After we found the observatory which is an 11 story building with windows all around overlooking all of Nicosia. From there we could see all of downtown and into the Turkish occupied area.
Now I just got home and am trying to rest up for what is sure to be another all nighter, I mean come on now these bars do stay open all night opposed to our 2am closing times so who knows what can happen.
Love you all hope everything back there is going goood!! talk to yall soon!