Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sorry I've been lagging, I've just been super busy enjoying Cyprus. So lets get back to Greece. After visiting the Acropolis, a group of us found a bus to take us to the Temple of Poseidon. Even though the hour bus ride turned into a two hour bus ride, it was well worth it. We stayed and watched the sunset over the temple and the Mediterranean.  

One of the roomies and me watching the sunset

 After our adventure ended, we got the group together to go out for the night. We found a bar to hang out at for a while with the group, then ended up branching off while four of us found our way to another rooftop bar to share a bottle of wine and overlook the Acropolis.
                                                              some of the group
The next day, we headed to the beach. After getting a little lost Nick, Ravi, and I somehow found a some of the others and spent some time swimming. 

                                                                         the girls
After an hour or so, we got sick of the crowded tourist beaches. So Ravi, Nick and I jumped on the tram to take us as far as we could get out of the city. We finally found a more secluded beach to relax at. We moved from the beach to the bar next door to grab a glass of Sangria and watch the sunset before heading back to the hotel. 

our quiet beach

                                                      The boys failed attempt at swimming to the islands

Once we got back, we decided to find a restaurant away from the tourist area we had been eating at. After getting lost and walking through the Black Market, we finally found the restaurant recommended to us. The place was amazing and had great live music. On our way back we managed to find the main bar street in the area. It was packed with Greeks so we sat for a while to hang out and grab a drink. I absolutely am in love with Greece and will go back there again as soon as I get the chance. Next Stop, Rome. <3

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  1. awww jenn i love that you're having so much fun!! i will go back with you! haha

    all of your pictures are amazing :)