Monday, January 3, 2011


Ok, so I know I have been lagging on getting the rest of my blog up, and now that I am home, I suppose this is more for me than for yall to keep posted. Here we go with Egypt anyways!

The girls waiting at the Larnaca airport (amazed we cold walk around with beers without being questioned)

We might have stolen our own rows, and might have somehow managed to come across a bottle of whiskey from the flight attendants. 
We finally arrived that night (slightly drunk) and found the cabs to our hostel. Once we arrived, we settled in and let one of the hostel workers show us around. After walking around, and getting some delicious falafel, Shami, Ravi, Danny and I stopped at a cafe to smoke some Hookah and play some backgammon.  

The next day we headed out to Alexandria to explore. On the way out there, our driver stopped at a random rest stop/zoo.


Maggie, Steph, Kass, and I trying to fit it.
That night we met up with the other half of our group for a traditional Falluca ride. 

The worker passed around his robe for all of us to try on. Oh and of course for him to snap a picture on his camera phone with all the girls. What a fun night of hanging out, dancing, and seeing the city by boat. 
Day number two was spent seeing the tourist sights. 

Kassidy and I thinking we looked quite similar
My two favorite people in front of the step pyramid

Now, a Photoshoot with the bestie in front of the Great Pyramids

and of course our own pyramid (agreed upon only if Ravi was on top)

We then saw the Sphinx

After heading back that night, the owners thought it would be a great idea if we had a photo shoot to show off his hostel 

Pillow fight anyone?

Somehow Mindy and I ended up in our hiding places

After we found a rooftop bar we had heard about. It only took us two different taxis to arrive at a place two blocks away. After a wonderful night with some of my favorite people, we stumbled home as the sun was rising. Finally making it back to the hostel, Ravi, Danny and I ended up crashing until 4 the next afternoon. Sad to have slept the day away and desperate to not waste our last remaining hours in Cairo, we headed straight to the old part of the city, where we explored the old building, shops, and mosques. We made our last stop at the Grand Bazaar and said Goodbye to Egypt. 

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